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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Five Essential Elements To Creating A Great Space

When you enter a space that has been carefully considered and well designed, you know it.  You are instantly filled with feelings of well being and comfort.  To achieve this sensibility in any room, but especially the nursery, you need to include these 5 essential elements. Incorporate texture, natural light, a little bit of sparkle, a comfortable chair, and books and like magic, your room will come to life and beckon you to enter, sit awhile, and experience the wonders of life.
1. Texture

Nursery design by Charles Neal Interiors and features Bratt Decor's Chelsea Collection in Antique Silver

In this stunner space, you see texture throughout.  The valance is finished in a fuzzy white shimmer, the thick sheep skin in front of the crib, and the opulent sheen found in the silk curtains work together to bring life to this luxurious nursery through texture. 

2. Natural Light

This beautiful nursery is designed by Sherri Blum of Jack & Jill Interiors, and features Bratt Decor's four poster iron crib and chelsea case good in antique silver. 

Everyone knows that natural light lifts the mood and makes you happy.  It's also a great source of vitamin D.  Bringing light into your space is essential for feelings of well being.  With a room of this magnificence the work is done for you.  The wall of windows bathes the room in golden light, creating warmth and a golden glow.  Not to mention, an ever changing wall of nature within the room. 

3. A Little Bit of Sparkle

Designed by Little Crown Interiors

Things that sparkle and reflect light, add energy to a quiet space, and just make things feel special.  Here, the magnificent ceiling featuring a cascading chandelier and silk tufted ceiling does the trick effortlessly. 

4. A Comfy Chair

No matter how gorgeous your space is, if you can't plop down in a great chair and get comfy, its all for naught.  This is especially true in the nursery, where you wile away endless hours, rocking, feeding, singing and falling in love.  This chair is beautiful, and ridiculously comfortable.  Put your feet up. You can rock or swivel in velvet luxury.  

5. Books 

image courtesy of A Cup of Joe

You know why I love books so much when designing a room ? It says this room is used, it's lived in, it is where we read and relax. And books make a room real.  I feel no nursery is complete without books.  Reading to your baby is a valuable and rich experience for both of you. And, its super fun.

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