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Thursday, February 27, 2014

For The Love of a Crown

Maybe its because every little girl dreams of being a princess.  Maybe its because they are so laden with jewels and beauty.
Maybe its because the represent royalty and finery, kings and castles.  I can't say for sure, but we girls love crowns.  And, so its no wonder, that they have been adapted and used extensively in interior design.  A crown flowing with silky fabric and framing your crib or bed adds instant regal sophistication. It makes even the ordinary extraordinary.  

 Room Design by Rock a bye Mommy and featuring Bratt Decor's chelsea collection in espresso.

The bold, gold crown frames the crib to perfection and adds interest to an otherwise bare wall.  

Room Design by Petit Tresor and featuring Bratt Decor's Darling collection in antique silver

This room exudes royal elegance everywhere you look. The crown, placed at the very top of the wall and bordering the ceiling adds for a dramatic drape and pairs perfectly with the matching window treatments.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Five Essential Elements To Creating A Great Space

When you enter a space that has been carefully considered and well designed, you know it.  You are instantly filled with feelings of well being and comfort.  To achieve this sensibility in any room, but especially the nursery, you need to include these 5 essential elements. Incorporate texture, natural light, a little bit of sparkle, a comfortable chair, and books and like magic, your room will come to life and beckon you to enter, sit awhile, and experience the wonders of life.
1. Texture

Nursery design by Charles Neal Interiors and features Bratt Decor's Chelsea Collection in Antique Silver

In this stunner space, you see texture throughout.  The valance is finished in a fuzzy white shimmer, the thick sheep skin in front of the crib, and the opulent sheen found in the silk curtains work together to bring life to this luxurious nursery through texture. 

2. Natural Light

This beautiful nursery is designed by Sherri Blum of Jack & Jill Interiors, and features Bratt Decor's four poster iron crib and chelsea case good in antique silver. 

Everyone knows that natural light lifts the mood and makes you happy.  It's also a great source of vitamin D.  Bringing light into your space is essential for feelings of well being.  With a room of this magnificence the work is done for you.  The wall of windows bathes the room in golden light, creating warmth and a golden glow.  Not to mention, an ever changing wall of nature within the room. 

3. A Little Bit of Sparkle

Designed by Little Crown Interiors

Things that sparkle and reflect light, add energy to a quiet space, and just make things feel special.  Here, the magnificent ceiling featuring a cascading chandelier and silk tufted ceiling does the trick effortlessly. 

4. A Comfy Chair

No matter how gorgeous your space is, if you can't plop down in a great chair and get comfy, its all for naught.  This is especially true in the nursery, where you wile away endless hours, rocking, feeding, singing and falling in love.  This chair is beautiful, and ridiculously comfortable.  Put your feet up. You can rock or swivel in velvet luxury.  

5. Books 

image courtesy of A Cup of Joe

You know why I love books so much when designing a room ? It says this room is used, it's lived in, it is where we read and relax. And books make a room real.  I feel no nursery is complete without books.  Reading to your baby is a valuable and rich experience for both of you. And, its super fun.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This Just In: Dreamy Blush and Cream Nursery

Nothing makes my heart beat faster than seeing a beautiful nursery designed by one of talented, nesting moms. Ashley Pettiette is one such mom.  She shared with us this graceful sanctuary for her lucky baby girl which features Bratt Decor's venetian iron baby bed in distressed white.  The soft warm walls and white textiles create perfect peaceful harmony throughout.

This airy mobile was a DIY project that Ashely found on pinterest. The crystals were left over from her wedding, so she incorporated them into this elegant work of art.  We love that she found a way to  give new life to something so precious.

Putting together your idea of a perfect nursery need not be complicated or overly costly.  Yes, spend the money on the crib, after all, that is where you child will spend most of his alone time, so it is not a place to cut corners.  But look around and see what you can repurpose and create that will make your nursery all your own without breaking the bank.  

Monday, February 17, 2014


For an elegant punch of color, think Aqua, or its lighter version, tiffany blue.  This color is neutral, bold, and sophisticated.   It's a perfect choice for the nursery, adding cool sophistication.  Color drench the walls, or add pops of the blue throughout, in furnishings, bedding and lighting for a more subtler effect. Pairs perfectly with white, silver and gold. 

photo courtesy of Veranda magazine

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Mother's Love

February is the month we celebrate love.  There are so many different kinds of love, but none so pure, so true, so lasting, as a mother's love. When they place that baby in our arms, something powerful sets in.  Something beyond everything we've ever felt or imagined.  It is holy.  And, from that moment on, every breath we take, every thought we have, is somehow intertwined with that life. Although they are no longer a physical part of our bodies, the strings that bind our hearts hold us forever together. Your heart will never cease to respond to the sound of their voice, to the rhythm of their lives.  Welcome to the adventure.

Happy Valentine's Day. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stay Warm Little Bear

This winter is just way too cold. But, there are luxurious ways to keep your home, and baby toasty and beautiful.  Enter the sheep skin. This fluffy, bit of heaven is versatile, natural, and adds texture and beauty wherever you throw it. It comes in a variety of colors, which will also add a punch to a neutral pallet.  I'm in love . . . 

sheep skin rugs by the style files, via Flickr

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



You’ve completed trimester 1, and stopped feeling as if you’ve just gotten off of the tilt a whirl, and now you’re fully into semester 2. Nesting is in all its glory. Time to get started on the nursery. You’re a very style savvy gal, who likes great sheets, fantastic resorts, and fine dining. You’ve taken a lot of time putting your home together, and you’re wondering how you can carry that same sophistication into the baby’s room. Well, Bratt Décor can help. Bratt was founded when hipster parents, Mary and Stephen Bauer, were in exactly the same place. Design, sophistication and timelessness define their style. Their collections give you everything you need to effortlessly create the nursery of your dreams. “The first step in creating your space is to pick a feeling or energy you want the room to convey”, says Bratt Prez, Mary Bauer. Some moms opt for serenity in the nursery, and others want stimulation. While defining terms like “modern” and “traditional, can give you some guidelines on how to decorate, more and more moms are letting go of the restrictive labels seen in décor, and they are breaking all the rules. We’re seeing wildly elegant furnishings in stark modern settings, and rooms that boast both sleek and glamorous touches. “ Rooms like people are never one dimensional and all should be original,” says Bauer. Putting a great room together is like throwing a great party. It’s all about the choices you make. The right choices create harmony, and excitement. While you may love Bobby, Sue and Sally, they might not all be compatible at the party. When making choices for your nursery, furniture, bedding, lighting, artwork, etc, make sure they play nice together. And, that’s not to say they all have to be exactly the same. That gets boring. Definitely, add something completely unexpected. That will give your room (and party) some spice and unpredictability. Now, go create something magnifique!