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Wednesday, June 27, 2012



You’ve completed trimester 1, and stopped feeling as if you’ve just gotten off of the tilt a whirl, and now you’re fully into semester 2. Nesting is in all its glory. Time to get started on the nursery. You’re a very style savvy gal, who likes great sheets, fantastic resorts, and fine dining. You’ve taken a lot of time putting your home together, and you’re wondering how you can carry that same sophistication into the baby’s room. Well, Bratt Décor can help. Bratt was founded when hipster parents, Mary and Stephen Bauer, were in exactly the same place. Design, sophistication and timelessness define their style. Their collections give you everything you need to effortlessly create the nursery of your dreams. “The first step in creating your space is to pick a feeling or energy you want the room to convey”, says Bratt Prez, Mary Bauer. Some moms opt for serenity in the nursery, and others want stimulation. While defining terms like “modern” and “traditional, can give you some guidelines on how to decorate, more and more moms are letting go of the restrictive labels seen in décor, and they are breaking all the rules. We’re seeing wildly elegant furnishings in stark modern settings, and rooms that boast both sleek and glamorous touches. “ Rooms like people are never one dimensional and all should be original,” says Bauer. Putting a great room together is like throwing a great party. It’s all about the choices you make. The right choices create harmony, and excitement. While you may love Bobby, Sue and Sally, they might not all be compatible at the party. When making choices for your nursery, furniture, bedding, lighting, artwork, etc, make sure they play nice together. And, that’s not to say they all have to be exactly the same. That gets boring. Definitely, add something completely unexpected. That will give your room (and party) some spice and unpredictability. Now, go create something magnifique!

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